AeroGarden 6 vs 7 Indoor Garden Comparison

Choosing an AeroGarden model from the impressive array of options available can be a Herculean task. It becomes even more difficult when the first two choices are very similar and serve roughly the same function. That’s why this article focuses on comparing the AeroGarden 6 vs 7; two classic models from the Miracle-Gro stables.

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Comparison of AeroGarden 6 vs 7 indoor gardens

Design, appearance and construction

Aérojardin 6 vs 7

Indoor garden AeroGarden 6

The AeroGarden 6 is designed with a compact construction. A semi-circular container houses the growth pods and a height-adjustable LED light completes the design of this indoor garden. The AeroGarden 7 implements the same design style, but rather than having the more compact construction of the AeroGarden 6, the Container 7 is wider and more spacious.

The two counter gardens are plastic. This plastic construction has unsurprisingly raised concerns from many consumers about the durability and longevity of gardens. However, a large percentage of users report that the gardens are quite durable despite the plastic material and are able to last a long time with proper care and maintenance.


Both AeroGardens are available in just one color option: a simple matte black finish.


As the design of these gardens suggests, the AeroGarden 7 grows larger and larger, providing a wider growing area for plants. However, the AeroGarden 6 is half an inch deeper than the 7.

Growth pods

The number of growth pods in each AeroGarden determines the maximum number of plants that can be grown in the garden at any one time. For these two indoor models, the number of pods enclosed in each is synonymous with their names. For example, the AeroGarden 6 has 6 pods, and as such only 6 plants can be grown in the garden at a time.

The larger size of the AeroGarden 7 gives it more space to accommodate an additional capsule. Therefore, the AeroGarden 7 is designed with 7 growth pods, which makes it possible to grow 7 plants at a time in the garden.


A wider vessel and a higher number of growth pods ensure that in terms of weight the AeroGarden 7 leads the AeroGarden 6 again. A few extra pounds makes the AeroGarden 7 heavier than the 6.

LED lighting system

The height-adjustable LED light of the AeroGardens consists of specially designed LED lights. These lights provide the light spectrum required for photosynthesis. This is quite important as these gardens are going to be used indoors and as such require a perfect substitute for sunlight. As a result, LED lights used in gardens are mainly of three types: red, blue and white LEDs. Red lights ensure the production of fruits and flowers, blue for high yields and white lights are specialized in the very rapid growth of your plants. The combination of these lights results in a garden that produces twice the yield of normal outdoor gardens in a surprisingly short period of time.

To promote maximum growth and yield, these lights are also well placed and sufficiently spaced, ensuring that each grow pod has sufficient lighting.

For both gardens, the lamps are rated at 20 watts. The only downside to this feature is that these lights can only be adjusted to a maximum height of 12 inches.

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Recommended plant type

The limited height adjustment of these gardens has certain advantages and at the same time poses certain challenges to users. Since the lights cannot be extended a very great distance, plants are guaranteed to receive the maximum amount of light necessary for their growth and development. However, it also makes growing tall plants frustrating, as they would expand far beyond the limited range of the LED light. So, a large percentage of users recommend using both gardens for planting herbs and other plants that maintain an average height within the limit of the LED light throughout the growing season.

LCD control panel

Both AeroGardens are equipped with an easy-to-use LCD control panel. These panels do not have a display function and users must rely on the push buttons for the operation of the gardens. With these buttons, you can program your LED lights to turn on or off automatically, and also select the type of seed you want to plant from the panel’s options list.

The panel also gives visual reminders when it’s time to water the plants or add nutrients to the pod.

Seed and Supplementary Nutrient Kit

Indoor garden AeroGarden 7

All Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Series counter gardens come with a seed and nutrient kit typically included in the product packaging. The AeroGarden 6 and 7 are no exception, with 6 and 7 pods respectively. This accessory kit also includes patented Miracle-Gro essential nutrients. These kits are known to last quite a long time, eliminating the need for consumers to regularly purchase seeds and nutrients.


Effectively cleaning these gardens is very necessary and also very difficult. Several users report that the heavier the garden, the more difficult it is to clean.


Reports and reviews from a decent number of users of both gardens say the gardens give off a bit of noise when in use. However, the AeroGarden 6 is slightly noisier than the 7 according to reports.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroGarden 6


  • High efficiency
  • Lighter than the AeroGarden 7
  • LCD control panel
  • Automatically program lights on / off
  • Includes MiracleGro micronutrients

The inconvenients

  • Plastic housing
  • Cleaning is tedious and stressful
  • Limited adjustable height
  • Noisy
  • Mainly suitable for herbs and small plants

Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroGarden 7


  • High efficiency
  • More growth pods than the AeroGarden 6
  • LCD control panel
  • Automatically program lights on / off
  • Includes MiracleGro micronutrients
  • Less noisy than the AeroGarden 6

The inconvenients

  • Plastic housing
  • Cleaning is tedious and stressful
  • Limited adjustable height
  • Mainly suitable for herbs and small plants


For those familiar with the AeroGardens, it’s quite obvious that the AeroGarden 6 and 7 are the base models, as they lack some key features and designs that are easy to find in later models. So, it’s safe to assume that if you want to choose between these two, the desire is to start small and see what those indoor gardens are all about.

With a few differences, the two gardens offer the same service. But for the best value for money, the AeroGarden 7 is recommended, as it has more pods, a wider growing area, and is less noisy.

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